▪ written by Jamil Isimbabi

5 Signs You Hired The Wrong Interior Architect.

Imagine entering your newly renovated home and feeling heartbroken at the sight of the blah workmanship and mismatched decor. Although you had great expectations for this project, it appears that you engaged the wrong interior architect. You now have the challenging chore of determining where everything went wrong.

Sadly, choosing the wrong interior architect is mostly an issue. It may result in a great deal of frustration, lost time, and money. Do you know it shouldn’t be that difficult to get the ideal interior architect for your home?

Let’s take a look at these five signs to recognize you hired the wrong interior architect:

  • They Don’t Listen to You

  • They Lack Communication Skills

  • They Don’t Have a Clear Plan

  • They’re Not Detail-Oriented

  • They Don’t Respect Your Budget

1. They Don’t Listen to You

Your needs, preferences, and financial limitations should all be taken into consideration by an interior architect. It’s a huge red flag if they don’t take the time to comprehend your vision. If you hire a designer that doesn’t suit your preferences or way of life, or even worse, you can end up with a space that makes you uncomfortable and doesn’t function properly.


2. They Lack Communication Skills

Any effective connection, including the one between an interior architect designer and you, the client, depends on open communication. If your designer is not invested in your project, it will be obvious if they are not communicating with you frequently or clearly. You might discover that you have to continually hound them for information or that you are kept in the dark about crucial choices. Most certainly, you likely don’t want to experience that.


3. They Don’t Have a Clear Plan

A professional designer will guide you through the process and have a clear plan for your project from the beginning and lead you through the process. They lack the requisite knowledge or skill if they frequently change their minds or appear to be unsure of what they’re doing. You most likely may end up with a design that is haphazard or without a unifying aesthetic.


4. They’re Not Detail-Oriented

An effective interior architect should be precise and detail-oriented in their job. If there are errors or omissions in the design, this clearly states that they don’t take their work seriously. This may leave you to end up with a space that appears unfinished or amateurish as a result of this.


5. They Don’t Respect Your Budget

A good designer should respect your budget and do their best to stay within them. They are more concerned with generating a profit than designing a space that works for you if they are constantly pushing for more expensive solutions or neglecting your financial constraints.

It could be time to reconsider your relationship with your existing interior architect if you see any of these signs. Don’t be hesitant to voice your concerns and speak out. It is, after all, your property and investment. You should be pleased with the outcome.



In conclusion, working with the wrong interior architect can be frustrating and daunting. You can prevent making the same error again by being aware of these five indicators. Always follow your gut and select the ideal designer for your home. With the proper designer at your side, your ideal space is within grasp. Would you like to work with us to design better spaces?

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