Jamil is a seasoned and highly regarded interior architect with over a decade of experience in both the interior architecture and furniture manufacturing industry.

A member of the Green Building Council of Nigeria he also holds an M.Arch from the European University of Lefke. Certificates in Project Management and Operations Management Strategy from the International Business Management Institute, Berlin.

His extensive thesis titled “visual Perception Differences between “Architects and Non-architects” has placed him a rank higher as he understands the needs of the end user better than the typical architect and sometimes even better than the user. The reason is simply because he understands what causes users to like things and what makes them not.

Put simply he places a huge emphasis on experiential architecture rather than the forms. The experience of spaces with all senses

At the core of Jamil’s philosophy is a belief in the power of teams and the importance of building people. He recognizes that design is a collaborative effort, and he values the contributions of everyone on his team. He is dedicated to fostering a supportive and inclusive work environment that encourages the growth and development of his employees.

In his company, Jamil approaches design as a solution to a problem and is committed to delivering clear, coherent, and comprehensive solutions in both concept and construction. His minimalist aesthetic, informed by his research into aesthetic perception, is designed to be easily understood by users while also being inspired by the specific context of each project.

His extensive knowledge of building materials and production techniques, combined with his passion for creating personalized and functional spaces and his belief in the power of teams, has earned him a reputation as a leader in the industry which makes him one of the best architects in Abuja.