▪ written by Jamil Isimbabi

Rooftop Space Remodel

Rooftop Space Remodel

Client Requirement and design: A 5-story office building located in the heart of Maitama, had only no outdoor space as the ground floor had been converted to a parking lot. Treuhand was called to redesign an empty rooftop space that could serve as a break time space and also double up as a meeting space for the staff when the need arises. This contemporary extension of the Hampton rooftop to create an outdoor space is a marriage between technology and the sense that something has been shaped by a human hand. The furniture was made to measure plywood built on the site, we used WPC wooden flooring

Proposed Solution: To create a space that could carry out both functions we had to come up with some informal seating solutions all of which we produced. The sofas were clothed in water resistant fabric while the ‘rattan’ chairs were made with plastic fibre. The rooftop was located on the MD’s floor and as such we knew that he would be using the space quite often so we created a screen with a plant wall and we also covered the Southern side of the terrace to minimise the amount of sunlight that gets to the space at peak hours.

The wooden floor gives a welcoming feel from the first step, we even noticed staff take off their shoes to come into the place once we were done.

Total Duration: 20 days

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