▪ written by Jamil Isimbabi

Turnkey Office Delivery

Client Requirement and Design: The client wanted us to convert a 3-bedroom apartment into a real estate office. In the brief, the client was very specific about having wall panels and changing the flooring. A challenge we had was the reception area. It had 2 doors right behind it and we had to come up with a solution for that. The client also didn’t want to change the doors as it was a rented apartment, we succeeded in convincing them to change the security door

Proposed Solution: For the reception we had to introduce 2 sliding doors in front of the toilet and kitchen doors which we believe was the highlight of the project

Execution Journey: We executed this project in 2 weeks. The clients a young couple were very involved in the design process We used gypsum panels to block off the windows behind the executive desks before going on to produce and purchase the office furniture. We sorted out the wiring for the cctv, cameras

Total Cost of the Project:

Total Duration: 20 days

Although we worked on one floor of the property we were able to also improve the building at no extra cost to the client or landlord. We repainted the surrounding fences in the compound, repainted the gate, and gave the space a general uplift.

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